All paperwork is eliminated when you use the Magento Contact Form Extension

Many consumers and businesses are slowly but surely moving further away from having to fill out cumbersome forms related to all manner of concerns, from store card applications to financing options. Unfortunately, the paperless era is not yet entirely and fully in swing. The form-based process remains cumbersome and admin staff are still obligated to print paper for their company’s records. It is both time-wasting and unsustainable.

Magento Contact Form Extension

Those that are using online application processes are not yet out of the woods either. There are archaic loopholes that still need to be closed and concerns over securing personal information remain. But there are those who have progressed towards more streamlined processes which offer not just security but convenience. Also, no-one needs to stand in a queue, not even online. And basically, when you use the Magento Contact Form Extension there is no paperwork.

The paperless contact form extension is backed by a functional interface, allowing for user-friendly administration and the collation and submission of docu-data which is accurate and correct. The system is also flexible in the sense that options are available in line with specific needs and required search selections. And for businesses, there is more than enough room to submit all their online information. Doing this will also aid future customers to find them.

The administration-oriented system allows for stores to be added easily and edit store information whenever necessary. No longer in use or required, stores can be deleted too. The options allow for extensive details on anything from a title, company website, full address and postal code to be captured. But the onus remains on users to ensure that their contact forms are filled out correctly and accurately.

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